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About Gil Hoizman

Gil is a management consultant, executive coach, and lecturer at Tel-Aviv University, teaching MBA students "Effective Decision Making in Startups".  He specializes in startup-related strategic decisions, founding decisions and analyzing and overcoming challenging work situations and delicate team dynamics among founders and investors. 

Over the last 9 years, Gil worked with a large number of founders, executives and senior employees on careful analysis of their situations, creative problem solving and implementing the relevant changes.

A former McKinsey consultant

Gil is a former McKinsey & consultant that served as a Director of Corporate Strategy for Amdocs (DOX). 

Rich experience in venture capital

a former Principal in Concord Ventures. He served as a chief mentor of an accelerator and provided advice to both startups and investors regarding new and continued investments in portfolio companies

Developed an innovative methodology for analyzing and affecting challenging works situations  

Gil’s unique approach adapts the robust and precise management consultant principles to a range of critical decisions in which the decision-maker is personally involved in, as well as other people.


"12 years ago, I was determined to establish the same level of rigor and investigative mindset of corporate strategy in analyzing personal considerations and interpersonal situations.” 

Gil has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a BA in Economics and Management from Tel Aviv University. He also has a diploma in people analytics from the University of Pennsylvania

Creative pursuits

He directed a short feature film. For eight years, he has been an actor in a Playback Theatre. He is a passionate photographer and has exhibited his photographs in Israel.


Gil served for seven years in the Israeli Air Force.

Photo by: Lubomir Simek


  phone number  +972-544-545-434

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