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Finding precise solutions for career dilemmas and challenging work situations  


Working discretely with senior executives to manage his or her critical relationships to resolve challenging work situations and to make precise personal and professional decisions

Achieving a breakthrough in employee retention

  • Getting to know you, your management style and the situation in detail.

  • Provide a data driven analysis of the situation. Be able to review discuss business aspects organization aspects and personal or interpersonal aspects of given case.

  • Conducing part of the  analysis in between meetings to ensure effective use of meeting time.

Offer creative problem solving

  • Creating practical realistic alternative solution

  • Provide a robust decision making process, analyzing the upside and risks of each alternative in various scenarios

Serve as an active 'consigliere' 

  • Takeing an active role in drafting critical communications, preparing notes  for sensitive meetings. 

  • Adapting the role of a management consultant to personal and interpersonal dilemmas.


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