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Founder's Dilemmas

Analyse and resolve interpersonal conflicts in start up companies

Help founders in their critical decisions 

Founding decisions

Photo by: Lubomir Simek

  • Team decisions

    • Solo vs. Co-founders

    • Co-founder selection

    • Board and advisory board


  • Founder agreement issues

    • Splitting the equity (Fixed, dynamic)

    • Non-equity compensation

    • Assigning titles and roles

    • Decision Making mechanisms


  • Joining a start up:

    • Evaluating the opportunity

    • Establishing roles

    • Negotiating terms

Overcoming tensions among founders 

  • Shaping and developing these relationships


  • Solving conflicts with founders , employees or investors


  • Dealing with complex personalities


  • Managing crisis situations


Strategic Dilemmas

  • Corporate strategy

  • Product strategy

  • Business development and partnership decisions

  • Go to market strategy 

  • Making organizational changes



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