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Assisting founders with critical start-up decisions  

Solving strategic dilemmas

Overcoming challenging work situations    

Discovering and perfecting your alternatives

Investigating multiple aspects of your situation



We analyze the dynamics of the relationships among co-founders in the same attention to detail and investigative mind we apply to complex market entry strategy in a crowded vertical


We create new alternatives and work with you to improve the best options until they satisfy multiple future scenarios and you feel comfortable to make the decision or take an action

Startup decisions

Corporate decisions

Career decisions

Founding dilemmas

Ovecoming tensions among co-founders

Strategic Junctions 

Executive decisions

Board decisions

Other Group decisions

Career change dilemmas

Challenging work situations

Pre-dismissal situations

תיאור מקרה

תיאור מקרה

התמודדויות בעבודה

היחלצות מהתראה לפיטורים לאחר ירידה בביצועים

פתרון בעיות במערכת היחסים עם מנהל, שותף או עובד

פתרון דילמות ניהוליות

מימוש החלטות קריירה 

החלטות לגבי אנשי מפתח בארגון

החלטות קריירה 

התפקיד הבא

תכנון המשך או שינוי בקריירה

"הערכת שווי" להצעת עבודה

 About Precise Decisions

Established in 2009

Precise Decisions (previously known as Dilemma) was founded in 2009 by Gil Hoizman, a former McKinsey consultant, assisted by Meir Hadar, previously Chief Psychologist of the IDF.


More than 10 years ago, Gil had realized that the founder’s decisions and advanced career decisions were being addressed too “softly”, with insufficient rigor and precision. Despite the significant financial and personal implications of a single mistake, people sign founding agreements, battle workplace challenges, without careful analysis of their situations. In addition, they do not get sufficient help in creating more advanced alternatives.


“When CEO seeks advice in strategic dilemmas, no expert will attempt to offer a solution immediately after listening to the CEO. without conducting a careful analysis of the company’s situation first – talking to employees in various departments, analyzing the competitive landscape and getting to know the customers.”

The Approach: Mckinsey for People 

Gil’s unique approach adapts the robust and precise management consultant principles to a range of critical decisions in which the decision maker is personally involved in, as well as other people.

“I was determined to establish the same level of rigor and investigative mindset in analyzing personal considerations and interpersonal situations.”


A rigorous analysis of softer issues 

The process involves deep and comprehensive immersion in the person's unique professional situation. Once the unique aspects of the situation are clarified, problem solving begins, aiming to create carefully tailored solutions. As in the case of strategic business decision-making, multiple long short term and long term constraints and considerations are taken into account.

A single professional tackling all aspect of the decisions


Gil also realized quickly the huge advantage of being able to understand the business and strategic aspects and the personal aspects at the same time.

Traditionally business strategy consultants and HR or coaching experts are two different individuals or teams working separately.  I believe these aspects are inseparable in critical decisions. Sometimes the only a deep understanding of the business issues – one can realize the personal bias of the co-founder. Sometimes through business adjustment of an agreement, we take care of a softer issue and vice versa.

There is a tremendous upside in looking at both aspects by one single expert.

Not just coaching, problem-solving together.


“In critical decisions, there is no room for errors, and therefore the decision-making expert needs` to join in and help to conduct the investigation, the analysis and the discovery of the best alternatives.”

Once the right decision or right move is made – the founder or executive will be able to adopt the successful practices in future situations

Pioneering a New Niche

Precise Decisions was one of the world’s first consulting practices dedicated to effective decision making in criticproviding rigorous, management consultant-style solutions to help senior professionals and entrepreneurs with critical decisions and workplace challenges. To date, we have conducted hundreds of in-depth consulting processes, with a high success rate.


  • Solving short and long-term career decisions & challenges

  • Assisting start-up founders and CEOs with their crucial decisions & dilemmas

  • Helping change difficult workplace dynamics

  • Fingding formulas for equity split, and decision making mechanisms that helped sustain long-term relationships within founding teams.

  • Facilitating career changes for clients in their 40s and 50s including the transition from self-employed to employee (after years out of the corporate environment)

  • Helping senior employees avoid performance related dismissals and turn around their work situation in 3 to 6 months

A Wide Range of Customers

Our clients reflect a wide variety of professional backgrounds and roles. They come from large through medium companies to early-stage start-ups. We see directors, VPs, General Managers and CEOs. Over 70% of our clients work in the hi-tech sector. The majority live in Israel, while some are working abroad; meeting with the latter are conducted via Skype video calls.



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