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Finding precise solutions for career dilemmas and challenging work situations  

Finding precise solutions in  delicate work situations

An innovative career consulting and executive development  practice  dedicated to ensure highly talented people in the prime of their careers 'get it right' in every career junction and work situation.

Personal decisions, are complex because our best ally - our intuition, frequently leans towards sub optimal solutions.

Photo by: Lubomir Simek

For experienced professionals

  • Considering a career change?

  • Planning your next career move within or outside the organization?

  • Dealing with a challenging work situation?  

  • Competing for a desired position? 

For CXOs and their direct reports

  • Planning your next career move?

  • Considering horizontal moves to another C level position?

  • Analyzing carefully a job offer before making a critical decision?

  • Mananging up working towards improving work relationships with the Board or the CEO?

  • Dealing with challenging relationships among senior managers

For leaders of people operations 

Based on our unique insights we developed new methodologies in critical areas in talent management:

  • Achieving a breakthrough in employee retention

  • Creating effective performance improvement programs for previously successful employees

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