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Unique approach to solving career decisions & challenges  

  A personal strategy advisor that:

  • Analyses and finds the best next move and action plan

  • Stays actively involved behind the scenes during implementation

De-coding and managing difficult workplace dynamics

Assisting founders with crucial start-up decisions    

An active career 'Consigliere'

Precisely tailored solutions 


  • Careful situation analysis  

  • Solutions for interconnecting business and personal challenges.

  • Proven problem solving and decision making methodologies


Career Decisions

 Career planning & change

The next career move

 Due diligence of Job offers

Founder's Dilemmas

Early stage dilemmas

Challenges with co-founders and investors

Strategic decisions

Challenges at Work

Barriers to promotion and internal side moves

Interpersonal conficts

Layoff warnings & signs

Additional Services

Support along the job hunt

Preperation for meetings  

Business model validation

תיאור מקרה

תיאור מקרה

התמודדויות בעבודה

היחלצות מהתראה לפיטורים לאחר ירידה בביצועים

פתרון בעיות במערכת היחסים עם מנהל, שותף או עובד

פתרון דילמות ניהוליות

מימוש החלטות קריירה 

החלטות לגבי אנשי מפתח בארגון

החלטות קריירה 

התפקיד הבא

תכנון המשך או שינוי בקריירה

"הערכת שווי" להצעת עבודה

 About Precise Decisions

Established in 2009

Pioneering a New Niche

Precise Decisions is one of the world’s first consulting practices providing rigorous, management consultant-style solutions to help senior professionals and entrepreneurs with critical decisions and workplace challenges. To date, we have conducted hundereds of in-depth consulting processes, with a high success rate.


  • Solving long term and short term career decisions & challenges

  • Assisting start-up founders and CEOs with their crucial decisions & dilemmas

  • De-coding and helped managing difficult workplace dynamics

  • Founding formulas for equity split, and decision making mechanisms that helped sustain long term relationships within founding teams.

  • Facilitating career changes for clients in their 40s and 50s including the transition from self-employed to employee (after years out of the corporate environment)

  • Helping senior employees avoid performance related lay-offs, turn around their works situation in 3 to 6 months

Our clients reflect a wide variety of professional backgrounds and roles. They come from large through medium companies to early-stage start-ups. We see directors, VPs, General Managers and CEOs. Over 70% of our clients work in the hi-tech sector. The majority live in Israel, while some are working abroad; meeting with the latter are conducted via Skype video calls.

A Wide Range of Customers

Precise Decisions (previously known as Dilemma) was founded in 2009 by Gil Hoizman, a former McKinsey consultant, assisted by Meir Hadar, previously Chief Psychologist of the IDF.


Back in 2003, Gil had realized that advanced career decisions were being addressed too “softly”, with insufficient rigor and precision. Despite the significant financial and personal implications of a single mistake, people change jobs, battle workplace challenges, or take "soft" founding decisions, without proper guidance. In more complex decisions such as career change, or succession decisions in start-up companies, the gap is even greater.

The approach: Adapting  consulting best practices to personal dilemmas

Gil’s unique approach deftly integrates the robust and precise management consultant principles employed by leading consulting firms with people’s work and career issues.


In addition Gil has expanded the role of the career consultant, to include implementation and execution in order to help with the successful resolution of workplace challenges for individuals.


The process involves deep and comprehensive immersion in the person's unique professional situation. Once the unique aspects of the situation are clarified, problem solving begins, aiming to create carefully tailored solutions. As in the case of strategic business decision-making, multiple long short term and long term constraints and considerations are taken into account.

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